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EMMOSE: the Episodic Memory Model of Subjective Experience

Thank you for checking out the podcast and/or youtube videos, and thanks for coming to!  The top video is a quicker version for experts who don't need a lot of explanation.  The square video below it is a longer, more detailed explainer. The podcast is available on its own page.

Below are links to a transcript of the podcast and to the published paper (both a free version and the published journal version).   

There is also a link to a précis of the paper, for those in a hurry.

Still have more questions? 

Our FAQ addresses many of the specific topics that the first episode of the podcast didn't have time for. 

What about H.M.?  What is the purpose of qualia?  Where does experience happen?  What is the mind? 

These questions and more more are addressed in our FAQ.

Have questions that are not addressed in the FAQ? 

Then please ask the question in our forum, and/or reach out to us via our Contact Page. 

We look forward to hearing from you.


the published paper

(on the journal's site)

the published paper

(no paywall)

a précis of the paper

(from the Brains Blog)

the transcript of episode 1

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