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You are so hypnotized by yourself that

you probably think you're real. -Byron Katie

Matt Faw, M.F.A.

Director, Producer, Animator 


Matt Faw began his filmmaking career as a Director of Photography, shooting several indie feature films.  He has since focused mostly on editing TV documentaries, as well as directing and shooting music videos, commercials, promos and web series.  His first feature-length non-fiction production was "Danger Room", a break-dancing film.  Faw himself is usually dancing, when he's not busy learning neuroscience and computer animation.  In 2016, his subjective experience theory paper, co-written with Science Advisor (and my pops) Bill Faw, was published at WIREs Cognitive Science (more info on the Theory page).

Bill Faw, Ph.D.

Role:  Science Advisor


Dr. Faw is a professor emeritus in Experimental Psychology from Brewton-Parker College in Georgia. With a Master of Divinity from Harvard University, he served as a protestant minister during the first half of his career.  In 1989, he received his PhD in General Psychology from Virginia Commonwealth University, and taught psychology for 25 years in Virginia, North Carolina, and Georgia. His doctoral dissertation was on comparisons in hemispheric reaction-times in the matching of ‘unfamiliar faces’, ‘familiar faces’, and ‘own face’. His later research and publications were in various fields of consciousness, such as mental imagery abilities and memory and mental practice; the ‘pre-frontal executive committee of the brain’; types of consciousness concepts’ and brain mechanisms in emotion.

Nick Kane

Role:  Performer, Everyman, Neurons


Starting life as a ninja for hire, Nick Kane has run for governor of California, stirred up flash mobs, and helped random strangers like a superhero.  He’s also clowned at festivals and shows such as Theaterspektical, Lightning in a Bottle, and Electric Daisy Carnival. A master puppeteer, a bubble artist, a mad scientist and a stilt walker, Nick infuses comedy, pantomime, and acrobatics into everything he does, creating experiences nothing short of magic!

About the Filmmakers:

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