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"I think, therefore I am."

Unless, dear Descartes, you are just the thought itself.

Consciousness defines us.  It shapes the world we live in.  It is the only way we know our selves.

Nonetheless, despite millennia of philosophizing about consciousness, and decades of studying it scientifically, no one has been able to explain how this subjective experience of self-in-the-world arises within the brain.  Until now.


We finally have an answer to one of the deepest mysteries of human existence.  This movie is about that answer.


The documentary is a mystery story, that starts with what Consciousness seems to be, and then explores, via medical and experimental evidence, why that intuition cannot possibly be true.  Clues arise, which shape what Consciousness must actually be like. And finally, we reveal the answer to Consciousness, and demonstrate how it solves all the mysteries.


We are not who we appear to be.  We are much much bigger.  There is so much more to the Self than we can ever experience in Consciousness.  But the only way we can reach beyond the apparent small-i self is first to recognize what Consciousness really is.  It's time to step outside the simulator, and take a look around.


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